Building the Foundation for Marriage

You got the ring and the answer was "YES!" Congratulations! You are embarking on one of the most fulfilling and exciting journeys that life has to offer marriage. Now the planning begins -- picking out the venue, finding the perfect dress, putting the guest list together, and planning a reception to remember. These are the details that will make your wedding day amazing. But don't forget the important detail that will make your marriage amazing: starting out with a solid foundation. 


The key to a long-lasting and fulfilling marriage is having the tools to navigate the highs and lows of life together. It's knowing how to meet each other's needs, how to communicate, how to fight, and how to love in good times and in bad. Don't skip this important detail.

Human needs psychology tells us that we all have six basic human needs: Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love/Connection, Growth and Contribution. The strongest, most intimate relationships are those in which both partners are meeting the others’ needs. In this first exciting stage of your relationship, you are likely meeting most of your partner's needs. As time goes on, you and your partner will naturally change, as will your relationship. With the right knowledge and tools, you'll navigate those changes with love, compassion, appreciation and growth. 

In our work together, you will discover how each of your needs are currently being met, and how to recognize what is empowering or potentially destructive to the relationship. You'll learn about communication styles, and which ones work best for each of you. We'll explore potential challenges, and uncover ways to navigate those challenges with grace and love. 


You are beginning the most important relationship of your life. With the right foundation, you'll learn to give, grow, understand, love, and experience more happiness than you can imagine.