Improve your relationship on your own time and in your own home, for less than a quarter of the cost of in-person sessions.

The Marriage Workshop: Renovation

The tools you need to communicate better, reignite passion and strengthen the core of your marriage

If you're here, you're likely experiencing some kind of difficulty in your marriage. Maybe there are specific issues that need to be addressed. Maybe trust or communication has broken down. Maybe there seems to be a lack of passion or intimacy in your relationship. Or, maybe you just feel disconnected and know that things could be better. Whatever it is, I can promise are NOT alone. 

I coach hundreds of clients every year and I can tell you this: ALL relationships go through cycles...periods of connection and disconnect, peace and turmoil. Long-term relationships that fail either don't recognize these cycles or fail to change and grow. So, the fact that you've recognized a need for change and improvement means your relationship is stronger than you think

This three-session course tackles the most common challenges of all relationships and offers proactive ways to better understand each other, communicate more effectively, reignite passion and intimacy, and create a more fulfilling relationship. View the course page.

What You Get

  • Downloadable course materials

  • Three 45-minute course sessions that highlight core relationship fundamentals, offer unique insights into personality and relationship dynamics, and provide the successful change strategies I've developed through working with hundreds of couples

  • Exercises and weekly homework assignments that keep you engaged in the process

  • The education, information, insights and strategies from a marriage coach who has proven these methodologies both personally and professionally

  • I charge up to $150 per session when I meet with clients. In this course, you'll receive information and strategies valued well over $400. 

Course Themes and Highlights


What makes you tick? What motivates your spouse? How do you feel loved? What patterns have developed and why? Understanding is the key to intimacy.


Communication - whether it's what we say or do - is the key to trust and stability in a relationship. Learn how to express yourself and hear what your spouse is really saying.

Anchoring Each Other

Learn how to lean in, trust each other, celebrate your differences, positively influence each other and have confidence that your spouse has your best interest at heart.

Reigniting Passion

When trust, understanding and communication are solid, your differences become exciting, presence and playfulness return, and intimacy is reignited.

The Sessions

Session #1

The basics of who you (and your spouse) are and what makes you (and your spouse) tick; Relationship cycles and how they affect every relationship; Your “love language” and what you and your spouse need in order to feel loved; Personality types and how they affect the way you think, communicate and act

Session #2

Relationship “levels” (demanding, trading, unconditional); Positive vs. negative feedback loops; Reigniting passion; Improving Intimacy

Session #3

Communication patterns; Communicating during conflict; Finding new ways to express yourselves in neutral, compassionate ways that advances the relationship

View the course page.

Your marriage is the most important relationship in your life.

Make it a priority TODAY. 

The Marriage Workshop:



Benefits of The Marriage Workshop: Renovation

(online course)

  • Convenient and affordable

  • A great first step for those who want to improve their relationship but aren't ready for in-person therapy

  • Education, insights and strategy from a leading marriage coach who has learned from unique personal and professional experience

  • Over $400 worth of sessions packed into a $59 course