What is Strategic Intervention Marriage Coaching?

We all have heard the phrase “Marriage is hard work.” Does it take work? Yes. But that work doesn’t have to be “hard.” It can be the most fulfilling work that you do in your life.

As a Strategic Intervention Marriage Coach, my belief is that relationships are catalysts for personal growth. All marriages consist of two individuals with their own personalities, histories, and issues who have chosen to create a life together. In most cases, marriage – and its difficulties – help us grow, learn, love and become better people. 


My job as a Strategic Interventionist is to help couples deal with short-term issues; but, more importantly, it's to help them remember what brought them together and to help elevate them to a new level of love and commitment. 


I don't mince words. I point out communication issues as I see them in our sessions. I dig and dig and dig to get to the true root of the problems. I point out vulnerabilities and insecurities on both sides. I will challenge you both to change the way you look at things and the way you do things – in positive ways. Through a lot of questions and conversation, I lead couples to the realization that their foundation is stronger than the issues they are currently facing. I don't assign blame and I work with both partners to make changes that will both increase happiness and build the relationship. 


I've seen it time and time again...with compassion and commitment, even the most damaged relationships can be repaired.

I've been there, and I understand. 

I became a Strategic Interventionist specializing in marriage coaching after going through the most difficult time of my life. My husband and I had gone through a very difficult time, didn’t know how to repair the marriage, and ultimately got divorced. After the divorce, we were miserable without each other, so we finally committed to doing the work – the real work – on our relationship. What we discovered was that the love was always there, we just didn’t know how to communicate and fulfill each other’s needs. Through relationship coaching, we found a level of love and trust and happiness that we hadn’t even dreamed of – and are now happily remarried.

When working with me, I offer first-person perspective. I am brutally honest and I don't sugar coat the heartache of divorce. I'm open about what I've learned about myself and what I've learned about marriage. I am proud that my husband and I are a testament to what communication, understanding and compassion can do for a marriage. And I believe fiercely in the notion that working through difficult times can create a level of love and satisfaction that few couples ever experience.

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