Strategic Intervention is different than therapy (and different than "life coaching"). As a strategic interventionist, I don't look backward or painstakingly dissect the past. Instead, I look at where you are now, your relationships and patterns, your limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and how you are meeting your needs (in either empowering or destructive ways). I then shake things up. I challenge you. I'm going to change the way you look at things and the way you do things – in positive ways. I'll help you work to assign new meanings and emotions to old patterns in order to make positive, immediate changes. This isn't talk therapy (though we'll do a lot of talking). This is change strategy

My approach is different from other traditional “coaches” or therapists. Many are very lofty and visionary – providing little more than a supportive friend. My approach is more direct and perhaps more demanding. When I work with you, I won’t let you be half-hearted in your attempts to make the changes you want. I am supportive, understanding and will be your biggest advocate, but we will make concrete goals and we will do the work to get you there. And you will get there.


Whether you are trying to save your marriage, improve your relationship or just live more peacefully ... you need to change your perspectives to change your life. That's where I come in.


In our sessions, you may not always understand why I'm doing or saying the things I do or say. I may give you assignments that seem crazy or absurd. But I promise, there's a method to the madness. You need to break out of old patterns, change the voice in your head, and shake up your "stories" that you think define your life.