Renee Gilroy - Strategic Interventionist

I spent 15 years as a marketing executive, in high-level roles in both small and large companies. While I loved marketing and making a difference in a company, I felt compelled to use my personal struggles and experience to help people on an individual basis as well. What I always loved about my job was the colleagues that came to me for help in other areas of their lives. I was an informal coach and therapist for years, and I knew it was time to put that experience to use.


I started training at the renowned Robbins-Madanes Training Center for Strategic Intervention (SI), and my life began to change pretty dramatically. I have done talk therapy multiple times in my life, but just studying SI gave me results I didn't expect. The results I see with clients are even more dramatic. Strategic Intervention is so much more than talking, or delving into the past. It's about strategic change - starting where you are, and seeing your life and your experiences in a totally different way. To me, it felt like I was reprogrammed for the better. Maybe I was. 

The Real Me

On the outside, I'm a wife, mother, successful professional, homeowner, good friend, community volunteer, and generally a happy person. But, on the inside I struggle just like everyone else. 

On the inside, I struggle with confidence. I judge myself. I have bad habits. I have anxiety. I worry that I'm not a good enough parent or friend. Sometimes I'm content, sometimes I'm not. 

I had a long struggle with eating disorders. I went through a divorce (and then happily remarried the same man!). I questioned my worth and expertise at work. I had debilitating panic attacks. I let life happen to me, instead of deciding what I wanted and taking action to get it. I understand your struggles. I've had (and have) them myself. But now, through my training and experience as a Strategic Interventionist, I understand how to help you move forward, get unstuck, get healthier and happier, and take control of your life.

My approach differs from many others. I'll be your biggest advocate, but I won't let you half-ass your life or your attempt to make the changes you want. We're going to do real work, and you will see results. Probably faster than you imagined.